Rotary drilling tools

Universal rotary drill bit
Universal hole saw

Universal rotary drill bit with a straight shank / hexagon ¼" shank

The UNIDre is a universal drill bit with a special head geometry, large-volume flute geometry and sharpened carbide tip. With this shape, it can be used universally in a wide variety of materials such as solid brick, honeycomb brick, wood, plastic and soft metal.

The UNIDre is designed for rotary use in drills and cordless drills and is available with a straight shank and a multi-edge shank.

  • Creating holes in various materials
Building materials
  • Brick , Tiles , Drywall , Wood , Plastic , Soft metal
Drill bit head
  • 2-cutter
  • Diamond-cut carbide cutting geometry
Shank / flute
  • H-flute
  • 2-fluted
Insertion ends
  • Straight shank
  • Hexagon ¼”
3 – 14 mmUNIDre with straight shank
3 – 8 mmUNIDre with hexagon ¼” shank

Universal hole saw for professional users

In combination with the PROTect adapter, the UNICut universal hole saw ensures maximum work safety and convenient handling. Thanks to convenient quick release coupling, the centering drill bit can be replaced quickly without the additional danger of a rotating locking screw. By simply unlocking the centering drill bit, the drill core can be removed from the hole saw in the same work step.

Whether for sanitary plumbers, heating installers, electricians, carpenters and furniture makers, cabinet makers, kitchen installers or professional craftsmen – the UNICut universal hole saw can be used to master different tasks with a single tool.

  • Cylindrical recesses
  • Cable and pipe feedthrough
  • Fitting installation
  • Conduit hole drilling in lightweight materials
Building materials
  • Brick , Tiles , Drywall , Wood , Plastic
Drill bit head
  • Replaceable centering drill bit with 2 cutting teeth
  • Carbide teeth with enlarged soldering surfaces and supported on both sides
  • Aggressive cutting teeth for universal use
Shank / flute
  • Special curve geometry of the enlarged debris chambers and exhaust slot
  • Core bit mounting with PROTect insertion end adapters
Insertion end
  • SDS-plus with shortened mounting groove for protection from impacts
  • Hexagon, variably interchangeable
25 – 105 mmUNICut universal hole saw


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