Pupils and students at DreBo.

Looking for jobs with good prospects? Are you interested in exciting tasks in cross-divisional teams? We are looking for enthusiastic school graduates for various apprenticeships and bachelor courses of study at the Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Ravensburg. Simply click to visit the page and find out more about your prospects at DreBo.

Apprenticeship and dual course of studies

You have made your decision and are looking for an apprenticeship? We will support you! Discover your opportunities at DreBo. At DreBo there are different apprenticeship trades and dual / apprenticeship-integrated degree programs. For a list of the currently available opportunities for apprenticeships and study positions, see our open positions.


The application process

We understand that you want to know what happens to your application after you have sent it to us. After all, an exciting future for you at our company is on the horizon. In principle, though, we need some time to make a sound decision on the selection of apprenticeships and study positions to be filled.

After your application reaches us, you will promptly receive a confirmation of receipt. If we consider you a suitable applicant, we will invite you to an individual interview or a meet-and-greet, where you will get the chance to meet our trainers. It is normal to feel some anxiety, but don't let it get the better of you. Just be yourself! Once you master this selection process, our doors are open to you and you will receive a contract offer from us.


Here’s how to make the application work

First impressions count – so give us a reason to believe in you!

The most important thing is your complete, informative application documents. This includes an individually written cover letter, your curriculum vitae and copies of your relevant certificates. In your cover letter, you should tell us which apprenticeship/study position you are interested in, what you find particularly attractive about this position and why you would fit in at DreBo.

We prefer to receive your applications through our online application portal. There you can find all the apprenticeship and study positions that are still open. It is still possible, though, to send your application to your contact person by post or e-mail. If you still have questions, you are welcome to call us – or write us a WhatsApp! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Final theses

Your studies are entering the decisive phase – Do you want to finish your course of studies by submitting an outstanding thesis that draws upon real-world experience? We'll help you make it happen. No matter whether you are studying for a bachelor's, master's or diploma degree: At DreBo, you will find leading-edge topics in commercial and technical fields.


How you benefit:

  • You develop your thesis while working with our specialists and your university – and thus at a point of intersection between theory and practice.
  • You can always rely on your personal supervisor and our expert knowledge.
  • You can get orientation on where your professional focus will lie in the future.
  • You have an ideal opportunity to expand your professional network.
  • You open up the door for being hired on at DreBo following your internship.


Here’s what you bring with you:

  • The well-founded knowledge you've acquired in your area of expertise. An interest in looking ahead and planning with an eye to the future.

Other qualities we're looking for:

  • Commitment and flexibility
  • Team spirit and social competence
  • Good English skills

Internships during studies

You've already mastered the theory. Now you want to know what to expect in practice and what opportunities and prospects you have for your future career. Then get started!

The sooner you start learning the ropes, the better. During an internship at DreBo you will take the theoretical knowledge you've already gained from your studies and put it into practice. In challenging projects and in day-to-day operations, you will gain valuable real-world experience. You’ll become part of our team and benefit from the experience of your colleagues.

When selecting our new employees later on, we look for a consistent overall package. The hands-on experience you have gained during your studies is just as important to us as a successful degree. So take the opportunity to add to your theoretical knowledge by gaining experience outside of the classroom.


What you should not forget:

Take enough time for your internship. At least three months, but ideally four to six months. After all, you want to experience more than just a quick look behind the scenes. You should apply in a timely manner and no later than six months before the date when you want to start.


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