Values and appreciation.

Innovation, quality, relationships, sustainability and teamwork form the basis of our work, and thus the foundation of our company mentality. As the market leader, we carry a special responsibility for our customers, suppliers and employees. That’s way we maintain an intensive and faithful cooperation with our partners.

PIONEERING SPIRIT – Dynamic innovations & improvements

Life is change; it is development; it is learning. That is why we promote an innovative spirit and see every struggle as an opportunity to grow, improve ourselves and achieve something new.

QUALITY – Fulfilling customer requirements

Our values are not just words. We have made it our duty to consistently surpass customer expectations. We produce and deliver our products to the highest standard every time.

PARTNERSHIP – Reliable relationships

Strong relationships are our foundation. We are fortunate to have trustworthy and reliable employees and customers – and gladly give these qualities back in turn. Constructive and responsible.

SUSTAINABILITY – Long-term orientation

We invest in technologies and people in order to find sustainable solutions, not just improvements. We always incorporate our customers and employees into these solutions—in all regards.

TEAMWORK – Respect and recognition

We treat each other with integrity and respect. We understand appreciation as a give-and-take of recognition, honest feedback, constructive opinions and relevant information.

“Our living culture of values has a positive impact on our customers' success.“

Harald Hehl and Clemens Tim Gumprich | Managing Directors


DreBo Werkzeugfabrik GmbH
Phone: +49 7584-29 00-0

About us

We are the global leading developer and original equipment/private-label manufacturer of stone drilling tools and chisels, "Made in Germany" and produced in-house.

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