The company DreBo.

We are the global leading developer and original equipment / private-label manufacturer of stone drilling tools and chisels, "Made in Germany" and produced in-house.

More innovations.

Think outside the box and develop new solutions

Developing the correct rock drills and chisels for our customers' many different requirements – to achieve this, we not only have experience, market knowledge and pragmatism, but also the curiosity and willingness to question the old ways and seek out new ones.

The leading innovation of our developments has been proven through countless awards. In 2017, for example, we were honored with one of the world's best-known innovation awards: the "Plus X Award".

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019

The DC-PLUS hammer drill is the first dustfree bit with automatic drilled hole cleaning specially for small diameters. The two-part system consists of drill body and SDS-plus insertion-end with suction adapter. These allows for the first time a virtually dust-free drilling in diameter ranges of 5 to 12 mm. 

Statement by the Jury: The design of this hammer drill bit reflects a successful combination of functionality, reslience, ergonomics, extended service life and preventive health protection.

More quality.

For us, quality is a concept that goes far beyond the product. All of our processes are designed for customer service and product quality. We offer personal support to each customer.

For us, product quality starts with the raw materials: Our own steel recipe, coordinated casting processes, special heat treatment after casting and controlled cooling alter the structure within the steel. This allows for high firmness of the tools and high elasticity at the same time, increasing the life of the product. This procedure is unique. It guarantees you products of the best quality and a long service life.

More performance.

We do everything in our power to ensure that our customers have the highest-performance accessory products for their machines. After all, they have to keep their brand promise to the end users.

Our products are exposed to increasing forces of rotary hammer drills and percussion drills. They are designed for the increasing performance capability of devices, a long service life, and precision. The electric machines need our products in order to exert their full performance potential –


More service.


Our marketing team offers our customers optimal support throughout the life cycles of the product families. With private-label and customized packaging solutions, we provide an efficient, simple solution for selling the products at the customer’s point-of-sale.


All threads come together in our high-tech logistics centers. More than 4,500 different products are always ready for you in the warehouse, exported daily to over 70 countries around the world – in customer-specific packaging, of course.

High-performance rotary hammer drills.
High-performance accessories.


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About us

We are the global leading developer and original equipment/private-label manufacturer of stone drilling tools and chisels, "Made in Germany" and produced in-house.

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