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Environmental protection and energy management

Active environmental protection and effective energy management are key components of our corporate philosophy, and are consistently applied across all company divisions.

That means, for example, that we seek to save resources and optimize material input right from the product development stage. In terms of production, our metal processing plants are fitted with the latest filtering and extraction systems. We employ dry machining technology wherever possible and recycle any coolants and lubricants we use. We also ensure that all our cleaning agents are fully biodegradable.

When it comes to disposal, we only work with certified specialists. Residual waste is separated into its component parts for recycling, thus generating valuable raw materials.

Improving energy efficiency is an open-ended Task which can only be tackled incrementally. At DreBo, there are several Project groups working on this within various divisions of the company. We also participate in energy and efficiency networks and are working on reducing energy consumption through the continuous improvement process (CIP). These efforts have already paid off: so far, we have reduced our annual CO2 emissions by thousands of tons. And we’re getting better all the time!